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Hi everyone and welcome to Cyprus

This year treat yourself to some real Cypriot culture; come and explore the unspoilt villages and countryside in the Akamas region. Take time to look at the churches, drink and eat in the tavernas, relax and walk in the sunshine. Cyprus is a beautiful island, steeped in history and the sun shines almost all year around. Walking in the sunshine is so great - lunch could be that orange hanging off that tree.

I live here and love walking, especially with people from different backgrounds and cultures. I want to share these walks with you, to enable you to discover and experience the culture and history of Cyprus yourself.

So, if you're holidaying in Cyprus and want to go hiking for the odd day or two, then take a look at my 'Day Tours' page and contact me for details either before you get to Cyprus or when you're here.

Have a look at the gallery; I've put together a whole year’s worth of photographs, taken of the various walks I've completed each month. They show the type of walks I offer and the scenery. Contact me for more information.

P.S. if you sign up to my newsletter, you’ll get details of the walks I‘ve completed each month, together with information about what's going on in Cyprus.